Effortless Health and Fitness with Tai Chi? – www.threetreasurestaiji.co.uk

Is it really possible to get fit and healthy without the discomfort that usually accompanies exercise? Tai Chi requires students to practice in the most unhurried, gentle and relaxed way possible in order to gain maximum benefits. The unhurried and effortless movements are practiced with calm concentration making practice extremely pleasurable. In fact if the exercise is not comfortable and enjoyable you are probably doing something wrong.

Tai Chi is a weight bearing and moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise. Practice of Tai Chi can improve balance, reduce falls and increase leg strength. It also lowers stress hormones, enhances respiratory and immune function and promotes emotional well-being.

Dancing Divas & Dudes – www.ddacademy.co.uk

If you find yourself constantly searching for an original activity to satisfy your child’s endless energy and enthusiasm then look no further than Dancing Divas & Dudes.

Your little divas & dudes will be treated to an action packed weekly class of dancing and music.

As well as being tremendous fun, Dancing divas & dudes can help your child develop their sense of rhythm, co ordination and movement in addition to building their confidence.

Divas & Dudes welcomes both girls and boys in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere. My emphasis on fun when teaching dance is the key ingredient that makes it such a success with children.

Tina Jacobs – www.yogahenley.co.uk

Yoga is for everybody. Fit and unfit, flexible or not. Men and women of all ages. It doesn’t matter where you start from. Through yoga the body you have can learn to move more freely. Your breath helps that movement and becomes an anchor for a busy mind.