21 June 2024

Henley, July 9, 2024 — The grounds of the YMCA Henley have undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the dedication and green thumbs of its young residents. A group of enthusiastic individuals, aged 18 to 35, have taken on the task of revitalizing the courtyard surrounding the YMCA, creating a serene and welcoming environment for everyone who visits and resides there. The lovely initiate aimed to not only beautify the grounds but also foster a sense of community and well-being among the residents, making the most of the good weather and singing along together to summer tunes.

“I’ve always loved gardening, and this was a perfect way to share that passion and enjoyment with others to do something nice for us and the YMCA, and give back to the place that’s become home,” said Ryhan, a 22-year-old resident who has been instrumental in organizing the gardening activities. “Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they walk through is incredibly rewarding.”

The project has seen the planting of a wide variety of flowers, all of which are thriving under the residents’ care. Bushes and shrubs have been cut back and shaped to clear the pathways, creating a picturesque courtyard that is both tranquil and invigorating. Lawns cut and long grasses strimmed away, as well as a new garden shed being built! The vegetable patch will now add to the visual appeal but also will provide fresh produce for the residents and forms part of their ‘garden to plate’ program.

Many thanks go to all the residents that got involved: Ryhan, Thea, Paul, Lilly, Tom, Leanne, Karina and community member Seb.