YMCA Henley has a state of the art Soccer Real 60 Tiger Turf five-a-side pitch (37m x 19m approx). Installed to a high specification with a shock pad base, players can wear football boots with normal studs, trainers or Astro footwear.

Please be  aware that for reasons of safety Blades are not permitted.

The use of floodlights and YMCA Henley’s superb dressing room facilities, with showers, are included in the hire price.


The Tiger Turf is available for hire by groups who just want to have a kick around or as a party venue for active youngsters.

To book the Tiger Turf for a party or one off social event , please use the Tiger Turf booking form.

If you want to book the Tiger Turf or the Grass pitch, please contact Henley YMCA on 01491 411849 or contact us.

Spending Positively

When you choose to use our facilities, you know that you are contributing towards YMCA Henley’s work with supporting young people, families and others in the local community.